Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kyoto to Kumamoto

Heading south today from Kyoto, via bullet train to Takako's home city, Kumamoto. We say goodbye to blooming cherry blossoms and the many temples that dot this city. On our way we'll stop for bento lunch and may even pick up a goodie or two...

News continues to come in daily about the earthquake, the following tsunami and the radiation leak. We've heard several times it's best to avoid Tokyo this time around, not so much for the radiation problem, but the limited resources available there. Stories of limited water, food and even toilet paper continue to reach us. Here in the south though things are largely unchanged. It shows the resilience of the Japanese people and their ability to continue life, despite tragedy and life changing events.

Anyway, not sure about the Internet status of the next few days. Will attempt to at least upload a photo or 100 (we've shot nearly 700 photos so far - gotta love digital cameras!)

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