Thursday, April 7, 2011

Only 3 Days Left

and we return to アメリカ(America.) Takako has been rejuvinated, she's been so happy to be back home and visit with her relatives. So far, she's had a chance to visit with her mom, her aunt, her uncle and several others. The vacation all culminates on Sunday when we will celebrate our wedding and have a small traditional Japanese reception. This will include photos with kimonos. We decided, however, to visit the reception wearing the kimonos are VERY heavy and quite cumbersome. Plus, one kimono may cost upwards of $10,000, so we'd hate to get food on it :)

Tonight we'll be going with Takako's aunt Aiko to a revolving sushi to come

Tomorrow, we'll be going to the beaches of kumamoto to try their famous shellfood (although we did have traditional Japanese breakfast that included miso, rice and Kumamoto clams...mmm).

Then Sunday the reception at 3. Looking forward to it. but sad the vacation will be coming to an end soon.

So for now, I hope you enjoy the photos and video, will try getting up to the Internet cafe at least once more...

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